Thursday, October 6, 2011

TF Metals Report - Great Video Below

Ready For More BLSBS?

While we patiently await the once-a-month fun that is the BLSBS release, just a couple of things to chew on.
First, for those of you who can't wait for 8:30 am EDT, here's a preview:
LIESman: "We expect the number any second now. What are your final predictions?"
Shill: (in a whiny voice) "I expect something like 120,000 on the NFP number."
Coug: "(prrrrrrrr....) Steve, darling, I'll go with 100,000."
Wyatt Earp: "(unintelligible) (garble) (gurgle) Uhh...well, I...uhhh. 160,000! Yah! 160,000!"
LIESman: "Let's go to Hampton Pearson at the Labor Department."
Hampton: "Unemployment rate of 9.2% with NFP at 42,000."
LIESman: "Wow, another disappointing number. Mark, whaddayathink?"
Shill: Uhh....seasonal irregularities...uhh...debt weather...seasonal irregularities."
Coug: "(prrrrrrrr.....) I don't know what to say. These numbers just aren't improving".
Wyatt Earp: "(gurgle) (garble) (unintelligible)"
LIESman: "Well, it must just be....(lies)(SPIN)(MOPE)(administration ass-kissing)". {Note: As the ass-kissing continues, you'll actually be able to observe the LSHI (LIESman Shiny Head Index) move from about 3 to 7.}
Gold and silver, after being beaten down all night long and immediately following the number, begin a steady rise higher.
There you have it. Why wait for 8:30?
Here are some longer-term charts to help you mentally prepare. Note that both gold and silver have some easily identifiable levels above which we can begin to get excited about the short-term direction of price.
Lastly, when you have the time, I highly encourage you to watch the video below. It's from a conference back in January that was put on in London by Cheviot Asset Management. The speaker is Chris Powell, the co-founder of GATA with Bill Murphy. If you've ever wondered how and why the gold market is suppressed and manipulated by the central banks, this pretty much explains it all. It's truly a MUST WATCH for all Turdites.
Thanks all for another great day here in TurdLand. More tomorrow, post-BLSBS. TF

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