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Rothschild, U.S. Fed, Admit Nothing. Explain Nothing - By Richard Mills

Richard Russell - We are Watching Market History in Gold... King World News

The Silver Story - Video

Bank CEOs Earn Big Bucks Even as Stocks Get Slammed - CNBC Bank CEOs Earn Big Bucks Even as Stocks Get Slammed

Q&A With The Doc: Should I Use the Leverage of Miners, or Run to PHYZZ? - Silver Doctors

Two Different Approaches to Precious Metals - David Schectman

The Largest Event In Human History

Special SGT Report- BTFD! (Buy This Dip)... Chris Duane

By Silver Shield

GATA: 'Financial repression' is gold price suppression

TF Metals Report: Revise and Extend

Gold can easily go down 20% - 30%... I am not concerned about the Price - Marc Faber

Marc Faber: Let me put it this way, of course it is a concern to me, if an asset class like gold and silver has been the best asset class over the last ten years, maybe copper was even better or a Warhol Painting and so forth. That concerns me. But I can turn around and say look, if I consider the price of gold, an average price in the mid 1980’s, say we take $400 or $450 or whatever it is, and we take the monetary base at that time, we take the international reserve. We take into consideration that China has not really in earnest begun to open up, and we happen to have the wealth expansion in emerging economies and so forth and so on. I can maintain, well actually the gold prices is not up, it is just a price of money or the value of money that has declined so much against the stable anchor. And so I do not think that we are in a bubble stage. But I mean I tell everyone, unless you buy gold it can easily go down 20% - 30%. This is not a prediction of mine, I am just telling people do not buy it on leverage, buy it as an insurance. If have health insurance, you also hope not to get sick, but just in case you get sick you have something. In the case of gold, as I said, my only concern with the gold insurance is the government will take it away. That is my only concern. I am not concerned about the price. - in FSN Click here to watch the full interview>>>>>>

Gold is owned by a minority - Marc Faber

Marc Faber : .....But I have to find out, I have one concern about gold, I was recently in Taiwan and South Korea at two large conferences. Nobody owns any gold. Gold is owned by a minority, even in the U.S. Most people in the U.S. have no clue what an ounce of gold is or looks like in the vault. The same in Europe. And in a democracy, it is very popular to take away from a minority. Like in Switzerland we now have a new state law that is being voted about in a few months that anyone who has assets of over $2,000,000, who dies and passes on these assets to his children, he will have an estate duty of 20%. Now most people in Switzerland, they do not have assets of $2,000,000 or $2,000,000 Swiss Francs, so they say yeah, good idea, we tax the rich. Then next year, I can come and introduce the referendum that says, everyone who has assets of say over $50,000,000 we tax him 50%. I know people who will say who has $50,000,000 dollars in assets, very few, the people will accept and vote for it. Now next year I can come back and have another referendum, everybody who has assets of over $900,000,000, we tax them 90%. And this is what the tyranny of the masses can do. You can make it appetizing to the masses, by just taking away from a few people. But I am worried most about, in the case of gold—not the price, that I am not worried—but I am about government taking it away.

The whole derivatives market will cease to exit - Marc Faber

Marc Faber : “I am convinced the whole derivatives market will cease to exit. Will become zero. And when it happens I don’t know: you can postpone the problems with monetary measures for a long time but you can’t solve them… Greece should have defaulted – it would have sent a message that not all derivatives are equal because it depends on the counter-party.” - in Reuters interview

Marc Faber : Always Follow what the Jews are doing

How Do I Clean Dirty Coins with baking soda and aluminum foil (and hot water!)

Jim Rogers – CNBC 28 December 2011

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The Depth Of Despair In The Gold Community - Jim Sinclair

Gold left some investors in the dust - Gregory Zuckerman and Liam Pleven

The Wall Street Journal

Corrections in the Gold Bull Market are Just Part of the Story - David Schectman

Von Greyerz - Gold Will Trade $3,000 - $5,000 in 2012

 King World News$3,000_-_$5,000_in_2012.html

BTFD! - Don't Tread On Me

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Yale Research: Commodities Better Than Commodity Stocks For Investing - Jim Rogers
Yale did a study recently showing that investors made 300% more by putting money in commodities themselves rather than commodity stocks – that is unless you’re a great stock picker. - in CNBC

Porter Stansberry: The Corruption of America

Keiser Report: Breastfeeding the Bankers (E229)

TF Metals Report: The Moment of Truth

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Jim Rogers: "100% Chance" of Another Financial Crisis That Will Be Worse Than 2008


12 Steps to Freedom – Step #1 – Divorce your Bank - Goldsaver

The Risks Of Currency Debasement - Jim Rogers

You can debase currency, and history is replete with governments that have debased their own currency and ruined their own currency for hundreds of - well for thousands of years it has been going on. You can do that and everything is okay for a while, but eventually you have inflation, you have high interest rates, you have currency turmoil, you have people no longer trusting each other to invest with each other, and then you have the end of the system, and we have chaos, and it starts over again. - in BBC

Keiser Report: Parasites With Bailouts

Societal Illusions

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Gold: Bull Markets Climb A Wall Of Worry - Peter Schiff

“Bull markets climb a wall of worry. These sharp drops shake out the speculators and keep other would-be buyers on the sidelines. Once the weak longs are cleared out, the trip to 2,000 USD per ounce and beyond will resume unencumbered by excess baggage.” - in CNBC

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A Million Reasons Why I Love Gold - Peter Grandich

 Peter Grandich

Capital Account: Chris Martenson on the Money System and Exponential Resource Depletion


TF Metals Report... click link

2011 Metals Production!

**BREAKING** Max Keiser Claims: Allegedly, Jamie Dimon Told Corzine “Take that money out of your customer accounts or we’ll kill you.” - via SGT Report

by SGT, SGTreport

Part 1:

Part 2:

Ron Paul: Bernanke Will Destroy the Middle Class
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Jim Sinclair - Why Gold Was Smashed Today & What’s Next... King World News 
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WealthCycles: Don’t Put Your Trust in Paper Gold 

Stocks Like In The 1970`s: Big Sideways Trading Range For Many Years - Jim Rogers

Stocks, in my view, in most countries are like they were in the 1970s. In the 1970s stock markets, and economies around the world did not do very much and were in a big sideways trading range for many years. We are in that kind of period now. - in China Money Podcast

Forbes: Central Bank Appetite And The Monetary Case For $10,000 Gold 
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Casey Research: The ABCs of Re-hypothecation in Gold and Securities Markets: What You Need to Know - Kevin Brekke 
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The Only Money You Can Trust Is The Gold And Silver In Your Pocket - Peter Schiff

From World War II until very recently, the West - specifically Europe and the United States - was on a course for greater centralization, greater integration, and greater economic intervention. But this consensus is breaking down. In Europe, the euro has gone from steadily adding new members to now facing the prospect of having its weaker members quit. In America, the US Congressional Supercommittee has now officially failed in its mandate to bring even meager cuts to the bleeding US deficit. 

This is the beginning of the end. Both the EU and US are politically paralyzed, seeming only to be able to make compromises that involve more spending, more debt, and more central planning. The results are all too predictable to free-market thinkers: bailouts leading to moral hazard, low interest rates leading to ballooning debt, and eventually a cascade of systemic failures - leading to more bailouts.

This was confirmed yet again last Wednesday when central bankers on both sides of the Atlantic announced a coordinated tidal wave of new money to bailout the Western banking system yet again. Now, the only money you can trust is the gold and silver in your pocket. -
excerpt from The Great Western Crackup

Sprott frustrated with hostage-taking paper silver market

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Many People Think Gold Is In A Bubble. That IS Not My Impression. - Marc Faber

Last week I was in Taiwan and later I was in South Korea. I gave a two conference presentations, and I asked the audience, "How many of you own gold?"

In Taiwan I think there was one participant that owned some gold and in Korea in a room with maybe one thousand people, not a single person owned gold.

Jim Sinclair: Clearing Houses Are The Mechanism Of All Markets 
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