Friday, December 30, 2011

Gold can easily go down 20% - 30%... I am not concerned about the Price - Marc Faber

Marc Faber: Let me put it this way, of course it is a concern to me, if an asset class like gold and silver has been the best asset class over the last ten years, maybe copper was even better or a Warhol Painting and so forth. That concerns me. But I can turn around and say look, if I consider the price of gold, an average price in the mid 1980’s, say we take $400 or $450 or whatever it is, and we take the monetary base at that time, we take the international reserve. We take into consideration that China has not really in earnest begun to open up, and we happen to have the wealth expansion in emerging economies and so forth and so on. I can maintain, well actually the gold prices is not up, it is just a price of money or the value of money that has declined so much against the stable anchor. And so I do not think that we are in a bubble stage. But I mean I tell everyone, unless you buy gold it can easily go down 20% - 30%. This is not a prediction of mine, I am just telling people do not buy it on leverage, buy it as an insurance. If have health insurance, you also hope not to get sick, but just in case you get sick you have something. In the case of gold, as I said, my only concern with the gold insurance is the government will take it away. That is my only concern. I am not concerned about the price. - in FSN Click here to watch the full interview>>>>>>

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