Wednesday, June 8, 2011

What Silver Can Do For Mankind!

Silver can have so many positive benefits to world!

Silver can increase your sense of security in an uncertain world!

Silver can help improve your thinking - say this 5 times in a row: Silver is Money, Silver is Money, Silver is Money, Silver is Money, Silver is Money. Now, you are thinking clear positive thoughts! 

Silver can protect your financial future because silver will always have value!

Silver can help you maintain your own economic freedom!

Silver can help you receive a full-filled payment rather than a empty-filled paper promise!

Silver can pay you compound interest because it can grow in value unlike smelly, crumbling outdated paper money!

Silver can be the antidote to what some call "The Man"! 

Silver can be the antidote to every countries play monopoly money!

Silver can help you become more prosperous on a journey to financial freedom!

Silver can help you sleep well at night knowing that you will always have real and lasting wealth!

Silver can be your protection against a debt based monetary system! Why accept debt as your payment?

Silver can continue to be vital to your health because it can improve your standard of living! 

Silver can reduce and protect a person from fear of bank failures/worth-less paper money because silver will always be worth something - even if your bank/paper money goes under!

Silver can allow you to become your own banker... your money is your property to keep not anyone else if you want!

Silver can be your definition of money because it has so many desirable features to suit you!

Silver can be your right to choose what is money - for your own liking!

Silver can continue to outpace central bank/government paper money if only people refuse to be deceived! (by them)

Silver can discourage wars because silver does not profit and prosper off wars - by buying silver you can help protect humanity!

Silver can help to improve communication among nations because it is used in computers, cell phones, televisions etc. Who knows what else mankind can come up with?

Silver can help create peace among nations because silver is used all over the world and it has no human emotions: silver has no opinion, silver has no thoughts, silver has no argument, silver has no weapons, silver has never committed a crime, silver does not steal, silver does not talk, silver does not attempt harm on anyone, silver does not fund wars and silver does not go into debt. 

Silver can be a beautiful loving gift to all nations because silver creates productivity all throughout the world! Nations that are productive create so much good for the world!

Silver can be reliable, rock steady and solid money if humanity recognizes silver's wonderful benefits!

Silver can be exchanged for goods all around the world!

Silver cannot default on you!

What can mankind do for Silver?

Disclaimer: Silver did not pay "The Silver School" to write this!

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