Sunday, June 5, 2011

Silver is Schooling Humanity!

Silver proves so many benefits to mankind!

Silver proves real money increases in value! 

Silver proves it is most profitable to be your own banker! 

Silver proves wealth is not created from a printing press! 

Silver proves that it does not need bailouts!

Silver proves it changes lives by improving ones standard of living!

Silver proves that it changed the world with the Electronic Age!

Silver proves that it helped bring mankind out of Cave Age!

Silver proves people do not need an investment advisor nor need to pay for investment advice! 

Silver proves it helped unite the world together through Facebook, Microsoft, Google, Yahoo etc (computers use silver)

Silver proves to investors how valuable silver is! How many investors doubled their money so far this decade?

Silver proves it does not need financial statements and/or talk - Scoreboard! 

Silver proves that its value is real and lasting unlike many dot.coms/stocks/bonds!

Silver proves it does not need a brain to outsmart and/or outperform! 

Silver proves that it cannot go bankrupt and will always have value just look at human history! 

Silver proves that it does not need to go into debt to prosper!

Silver proves that its benefits are shinier than Gold's! 

Silver proves that it is not the poor mans metal! 

Silver proves it is riskier to have money in paper as opposed to silver!

Silver proves you can maintain your own economic freedom!

Silver proves it does not need to pay interest its performance is shinny enough without it! 

Silver proves money can be sexy looking unlike old outdated paper! 

Silver proves it can improve communication - computers, television, cell phones and other gadgets all use silver!

Silver proves that it is a beautiful gift to the world! 

Silver proves so many wonderful things for our society! 

Silver proves it suffers only from a lack of knowledge and understanding! 

Sometime in the future silver will hopefully receive the thanks and praise it deserves!

Disclaimer: Silver did not pay "The Silver School" to write this! 

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