Friday, September 23, 2011

I thought I would be a little different today, since this take down happened yesterday in silver. Don't Panic! This is another gift, opportunity. It is impossible to predict the bottom and impossible to predict the top. The fundamentals have still not changed. What ever the Fed did yesterday has become blatantly obvious. This will be short lived, this will all blow over. Under neath this I posted a comment from Turd Ferguson's site by ScottJ. I appreciated it so I thought I would share. Continue to stack.

Bernanke the problem?

Not quite sure if you are suggesting that the Bernanke is acting out of his own plan or by those who whisper in his ear (the EE).
I don't think Ben "chose" this path, but rather it fits into the macro-agenda that is being set up.  He is nothing but a PR manager for the Federal Reserve.  Not the man in charge.... This has more to do with how the global financial world is unfolding at this current time IMO, as each of their steps has been carefully thought out well in advance of this.  Not spur of the moment decisions if I had to guess....
Thanks for your emphasis on the fact that this is happening faster than most realize.  Once things start unraveling there is no putting them back together.... the half-life of stimulus effectiveness will approach zero....
I wrote a comment deep on the last thread about today's actions being comparable to financial warfare attacks on the general public.  Some tactics just work too efficiently, and are repeated over and over in history :\.
Today, you have witnessed financial blitz krieg.  While many think we are living in a free world, we are not.  There are those who wish to see man comply, lose one sense of self, and steal the wealth they have worked for.  A new form of slavery in which embodies itself in the financial system.  When they say money is the root of all evil... it is because it is.... the currency in which we use is suppose to represent time, energy, value, and honesty.  The Federal Reserve Note is NOTHING of any of these.
The Gold market is at the crux of the dollar extinction event, and thus is subject to extreme warfare tactics that so blatantly displays their ruthless oppression upon the free man via their own financial system, in front of all to gaze at, with no consequences in the short run.  A performance designed for a multitude of reasons, but mainly to keep the unaware unsuspecting a little bit longer, until they can unveil their next stages of the agenda.
P.S. -- One chart I am liking is Platinum.  I don't follow platinum often, but as you can tell by its movements it is clearly heavily linked to gold/silver movements.  If platinum can hold its 10 month support, it would bode well for gold/silver.  Notice the higher highs it made and the since retest of lows since doing so.  Just food for thought, not a bottom call.

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