Thursday, August 18, 2011


(Nearly everyone can buy silver dimes under $5 at $40 silver spot prices.) 
- The Silver School

Investing in silver. Junk Silver or .999 Fine Silver? By David Morgan. junk silver is the easiest way to get silver for cheap and it doesn't carry a premium price like Silver Eagles. Just go buy a few dimes.everyone should own a mix of junk silver. I have nickels, dimes, quarters and dollars. I'm looking for more small denomination junks silver for a SHTF scenario and need small barter money.I buy junk and 999 fine, they are both winners.Diversification is good idea even if it's just in your silver. One point many stackers miss is the need to 'make change'. If all one has is 1 oz. and the other one 'say's sorry no change' and one really needs the product one leaves money on the table. Also the distinction between .999 and .9999 is lost on most people. If the price is 1 oz. most people are going to shave some off and give it back to you if it's .9999. They'll just say tough @#$!. 

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