Saturday, July 9, 2011

The Silver Switch

(It is up to you to switch your choice)

The only person stopping you from switching to silver as money is you! You alone control your own financial destiny. 

Silver allows for the refusal to accept debt as money. You do not have to slave yourself to a debt crazed system. 

Silver can be your way out! 

Out of the Tempting Game of Paper Money! 

Silver can calm your nerves. Silver has stood the test of time. Paper money has not. 

Silver switch? Push the right button and the switch can be made to silver! 

You alone control the switch just make sure you are not flickering with Paper Promises. 

Choose the correct switch - Go for "Silver"!

You will be glad you made the Silver Switch!

Disclaimer: Silver did not pay "The Silver School" to write this. 

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